How to join Twitch IRC w/ WeeChat

Taken from

WeeChat terminal IRC client


gen token

  1. acccess to "OAuth Password Generator"; semi-official service
  1. push "Connect to Twitch"
  2. copy oauth key
  • include "oauth:"


you must be keep "Twitch Chat OAuth Token Generator" connection


if you push "Disconnect", so IRC connection unavailable; you have to need re-generate new oAuth key for join IRC

add server

replace TWITCH_NAME to your lowercase Twitch Name

/server add twitch -password=oauth:*** -nicks=TWITCH_NAME -username=TWITCH_NAME

connect and join

/connect twitch

save settings

write settings to files



exit channel


close WeeChat



below commands/key very convenience when join 2 or more channels

/buffer list

move buffer-ring

Ctrl + n , Ctrl + p

close buffer

push Tab completion BUFFER_NAME

/buffer close BUFFER_NAME

window split

vertical and horizontal split

/window splitv
/window splith

move window

F7 , F8

undo split

/window merge

set membership (optional)

use for normal IRC client; get user list et al.

/set irc.server.twitch.command "/quote CAP REQ"